The oldest bakery in Lodz has gone bankrupt

The oldest bakery in Lodz has gone bankrupt

The owners of the Vronsky bakery in Lodz have decided to close their business. This is the longest-operating bakery in Lodz, which has a long family tradition.

The reason is inflation. Vronsky’s company raised the prices of its products, but not all customers understood this. More than 50 percent of its turnover was consumed by the salaries of its 30 employees. From what was left, it was difficult to budget for equipment, utilities and increasingly expensive raw materials.

In its glory years, Vronsky Bakery produced 4.5 tons of bread a day. More recently, it was 1.5 tons. Representatives of the bakery industry complained as early as the end of August that bakery production in Poland is becoming less and less profitable. They warned that high energy prices would drive many entrepreneurs into bankruptcy.


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