Companies are cutting jobs

Companies are cutting jobs

More than 140 employers want to carry out group layoffs. They are expected to affect nearly 12,700 people.

More than 140 employers between the beginning of the year and July notified labor offices of their intention to carry out group layoffs. As part of them, nearly 12.7 thousand people are to lose their jobs. These are employees of Open Finance, Eurocash Group, Cerrad and PKO BP bank, among others.

Meanwhile, as many as 12.9 thousand people had already been laid off by July of this year. This is 25 percent more than a year ago. A sizable portion of these layoffs, however, are the result of cuts that were reported as recently as last year. They resulted from lockdowns. The employment restructurings now planned are due to the war in Ukraine and a sharp increase in the cost of business for companies.



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