Furniture makers fight for government aid

Furniture makers fight for government aid

Furniture manufacturers are facing a drastic drop in orders.

The situation of the furniture sector has been very difficult recently, the All-Poland Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers (OIGPM) is warning. Polish furniture exports from March to June fell by almost 100,000 tons. Domestic and foreign orders are down 35.7 percent. Data from the Central Statistical Office show that the economic situation of furniture companies is the worst in eight years. Entrepreneurs are struggling with rising prices for energy, production materials, wages and other costs. As a result, the offerings of our companies are becoming less and less competitive in foreign markets. OIGPM has asked the government to help the furniture industry. Among other things, the entrepreneurs are calling for the Polish furniture industry to be urgently included in the compensation system. They also ask that the so-called tax on excess profits not include furniture makers.


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