Fewer and fewer sole proprietorships

Fewer and fewer sole proprietorships

The number of sole proprietorships is falling drastically.

The situation is very serious, because from January 2023 until today, as many as 140,000 one-person businesses have been liquidated. Moreover, according to forecasts, this is only the beginning of this worrying trend. As experts indicate, the reasons for this state of affairs come down to the dynamically growing tax costs related to running a business. On behalf of these companies, Adam Abramowicz – Ombudsman for Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurs – asked the Polish government to take appropriate measures in response to the changing reality. The Defender proposed the introduction of voluntary ZUS for entrepreneurs. At the same time, he warned that the lack of any action on the part of the government will result in a worsening of the situation, i.e. it will force more entrepreneurs to close their businesses.

Source: https://www.pulshr.pl/zarzadzanie/pogrom-wsrod-jednoosobowych-dzialalnosci-a-od-nowego-roku-bedzie-jeszcze-gorzej,93918.html

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