Poland as an asylum for Belarusian companies

Poland as an asylum for Belarusian companies

The interest of Belarusian companies in transferring their activities to the Polish market is systematically growing.

Last year, nearly 1,000 Belarusian entrepreneurs decided to relocate their businesses. According to forecasts, in 2022, this number will be exceeded.

The Polish capital, other large Polish cities and cities located along the eastern border are the places most often chosen by Belarusian entrepreneurs as new headquarters for companies. Among the industries in which these entrepreneurs operate, the following are dominant: transport and logistics, construction, and IT services.

The number of foreigners taking up work in Poland is also growing rapidly.

The reasons for this state of affairs should be sought in the Russian attack on Ukraine. It caused the ongoing war and the resulting great uncertainty. This forces the inhabitants of those areas to look for a safer place to live.

Source: https://businessinsider.com.pl/biznes/bialorusini-chetniej-przenosza-biznesy-do-polski-wzrost-nastapil-po-ataku-rosji-na/g1h760v

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