Ukrainian business in Poland

Ukrainian business in Poland

Citizens of Ukraine are more and more willing to set up their businesses in Poland.

Last year, 21,000 companies were founded by citizens of Ukraine. This constitutes nearly 10% of all enterprises established in 2022 in Poland. Citizens of Ukraine most often decided to set up sole proprietorships. 15.9 thousand of them were created. This accounted for as much as 54% of all established enterprises of this type with foreign capital. A lot of companies were also established with Ukrainian capital – 4.8 thousand. This constitutes as much as 41% of all companies with foreign capital.

When characterizing the location of established companies, it can be clearly indicated that most of them were established in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. On the other hand, the industries in which the participation of Ukrainian citizens is particularly noticeable are dominated by construction and IT.

The data prepared by the Polish Economic Institute (PIE) show that the citizens of Ukraine are starting their own businesses month by month more and more willingly. And although it is currently very difficult to estimate the impact of Ukrainian companies located in Poland on the Polish economy, it should undoubtedly be assumed that it will be positive.


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