Not the best forecasts for farmers

Not the best forecasts for farmers

Experts do not have the best forecasts for farmers.

The debt of farmers in 2021 amounted to PLN 460 million. It has grown a lot over the years. Because in 2022 it was already counted in billions (PLN 0.5 billion). According to experts, this worrying trend will continue. The difficult situation of farmers is caused by the accumulation of many problems, including constantly increasing production costs, lower profits and longer time to obtain payment. All this has a negative impact on indebted farmers, who cannot earn enough profit to repay their liabilities. In addition, the consequences will also be felt by farmers who have not complained about major problems so far. Now, however, they will start to feel them and many of them will start having problems with financial liquidity.

Specialists indicate that the worst situation will be: pig breeders, cereal producers, but also poultry and egg producers.


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