Successful completion of mediation

Successful completion of mediation

Mediation between representatives of Rafako and Tauron was successfully completed.

In the first half of January, we reported that representatives of Rafako were close to filing for bankruptcy. They were prompted to consider such a decision by disagreements with representatives of the Tauron Group. Well, Rafako, like the main contractor of the power unit in Jaworzno, was called by Tauron to pay a PLN 1.3 billion penalty for detecting further defects in the said unit. In turn, Rafako called on the Tauron Group to pay nearly PLN 250 million as compensation for infringement of personal rights. Both companies considered the mutual claims unfounded. The situation seemed stalemate. However, the intervention of the arbitration court, conducting mediation between representatives of both companies, turned out to be effective. As a result, specific arrangements were made. Firstly, representatives of both conflicting parties undertook to refrain from making any claims until the end of February. Secondly, by March 8, they are to conclude a settlement under which a schedule of repair work and a method of repairing the block will be developed.


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