Restructuring of employment in an automotive company

Restructuring of employment in an automotive company

A Polish car manufacturing company has announced employment restructuring.

The Polish company FCA Powertrain Poland is part of the French-Italian-American automotive concern Stellantis Group. Its representatives announced the implementation of the employment restructuring plan. 300 people are to be made redundant in the plants located in Bielsko-Biała. This is nearly 38% of the current crew. For this reason, the said reduction of jobs is referred to as the largest redundancy in nearly 10 years. Parting with dismissed employees is to take place in one of two available ways. Firstly, the redundant persons will be offered employment in two other production plants belonging to the Stellantis Group, namely in Tychy or in Gliwice. Secondly, former employees will be able to take advantage of the option to leave voluntarily by mutual agreement.

The company’s representatives explain that the redundancies are a necessity resulting from the widespread pro-environmental changes. Therefore, they are in line with the recommendations of the European Union regarding the reduction of exhaust emissions from internal combustion engines. In addition, they follow the long-term intentions of the Stellantis concern to systematically abandon the production of electric motors in favor of hybrid and all-electric production.


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