Problems of other banks

Problems of other banks

Have the problems of American banks triggered an avalanche of bankruptcies in the banking sector?

Nearly two weeks ago, two large American banks collapsed: Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank. This caused a stir among other participants in the banking sector. This was strongly felt by the second largest Swiss bank – Credit Suisse. Until now, it was considered one of the world’s thirty banks too big to fail. And yet, the deepening financial problems in recent days, resulting from the decline in investor and customer confidence, brought Credit Suisse closer to collapse. To prevent this, its current competitor and the largest Swiss bank – UBS – obtained permission to take it over.

Currently, the eyes of experts are focused on the German bank Deutsche Bank. A few days ago, the bank’s shares fell sharply, causing concern. Concerns were deepened by the fact that a few years ago the German bank was not free from financial problems. However, they were overcome thanks to a successful restructuring.


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