Factors determining the situation of enterprises

Factors determining the situation of enterprises

Entrepreneurs indicate at least a dozen factors directly affecting the condition of their company.

In April, among 300 entrepreneurs, a study entitled “Small and medium-sized enterprises – great challenges” was carried out. Its purpose was to find out the opinions of company owners or managers on the reasons that, in their opinion, have recently had the strongest impact on the functioning of their companies, as well as on the ways in which they deal with the current difficult situation.

Respondents most often pointed to: high inflation (77%), significant increase in labor costs (70%), increase in fuel prices (69%), pandemic and consequent restrictions on running a business (58%), increase in energy and electricity prices ( 58%), tax increases (56%) and changes in tax regulations (47%), the Russian invasion of Ukraine (44%) and its consequences in the form of supply chain disruption (39%), and complicated accounting (32%).

The vast majority of respondents, as much as 88%, declared that they had taken steps to minimize the impact of the indicated factors. Most often (63%) they raised the prices of the offered products and/or services. Subsequently, they reduced investment expenditures, built a financial reserve and expanded the scope of their operations not only in Poland, but also abroad and by using online opportunities.

A dozen or so days ago we referred to another study, namely the “Business Expenditure Barometer”. The results of both studies complement and correspond with each other.

Source: https://www.pb.pl/co-jest-najwiekszym-ciosem-dla-msp-1186471

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