Ikea is slowing down

Ikea is slowing down

The layoffs affected employees of the Ikea store located in Goleniów.

Ikea is a company that has been producing and selling furniture for almost 80 years. During this time, it has managed to develop quickly and dynamically. This is evidenced by the operation of over 400 stores in as many as 52 countries, including 22 in Poland. However, international popularity did not protect Ikea stores from feeling the effects of rising business prices. Ikea shared the difficulties that had already been pointed out by other representatives of the furniture industry. As a result, representatives of the store located in Goleniów informed that the activities undertaken so far: suspending recruitment, ending cooperation with temporary employment agencies, increasing efficiency and investing in training, did not bring the expected results. As a consequence, a decision was made to restructure employment. This will apply to 130 people, representing 17% of employees.

It is worth recalling that we have discussed the problems of the furniture industry several times. The last time was in episode 4 of the ResTrue Talks podcast and article “From boom to crisis – current challenges in the Polish furniture industry“. We then made a diagnosis of the current difficult situation and problems faced by representatives of this industry and outlined possible solution scenarios.

Source: https://www.money.pl/gospodarka/branza-meblarska-z-problemami-zwolnienia-w-ikei-to-dopiero-poczatek-6951772456184736a.html

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