Couriers in debt

Couriers in debt

The debt of companies providing courier services is increasing.

Data from the National Debt Register (KRD) show that 1.2 thousand courier companies are in debt for a total amount exceeding PLN 35 million. Their creditors are dominated primarily by banks and leasing companies, which constitute a kind of source of financing for cars, which are the basic working tool of courier companies. The group of creditors also includes: companies from the receivables management industry (arrears amount to PLN 12 million), transport companies (debt is PLN 2.2 million), Internet and telecommunications service providers (debt is PLN 1.8 million) and insurance companies (PLN 1.2 million debt).

The problems with maintaining financial liquidity of courier companies are caused by the fact that they are also creditors. Companies engaged in trade, production, transport, logistics and forwarding owe couriers nearly PLN 31 million, which is almost the same amount as courier companies owe to their creditors. In turn, companies from the TSL industry are in debt of PLN 1.3 billion. And this is how payment backlogs arise and intensify.

The debt of courier companies is not a new phenomenon. We paid attention to them exactly a year ago. At that time it fluctuated around PLN 74 million.


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