Restructuring plans of Poczta Polska

Restructuring plans of Poczta Polska

The announced restructuring is to be reduced to employment reduction.

At the beginning of the year, information about the difficult financial situation of Poczta Polska became public. Losses for last year were estimated at nearly PLN 800 million. According to experts, the state-owned postal company was teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. Its situation became the subject of parliamentary discussions, which resulted in the adoption of an act aimed at financial support for this state-owned company. At the same time, personnel changes were also made. New members of the management board were appointed. It also became inevitable to identify the company’s basic problems and implement corrective actions. Representatives of Poczta Polska stated that the significant overemployment and unprofitability of nearly 80% of branches are key problems that require immediate solution. Therefore, it was decided not to fill positions that become vacant naturally, i.e. through the expiration of contracts and retirement. But that’s not the end. It was announced that employment restructuring would take place on a massive scale through mass layoffs. This will result in changes in the current operation of post offices. The mentioned changes will consist in shortening the opening hours of branches and limiting the number of open “windows”. No wonder that these proposals were not positively received by trade unionists, who announced a strike.


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