The Żabka Group aims to create revolutionary express shopping.

CEO of Żabka Group announces that they are expanding the group with a new start-up Lite e-Commerce, in order to better meet the needs of customers. Its task is to create friendly services based on e-commerce.

In order to create and develop a chain of stores, Żabka Future was established in 2021. The group aims to lead the Polish q-commerce market in providing the widest range of products.

In order to intensify online sales activities, Lite is to launch stores in Warsaw that are used exclusively for online orders. Shops, the so-called Dark stores are to be distinguished by short delivery times, a wide range and a wide range of innovative brands that will be available only in Żabka stores.

It is worth recalling that this year Żabka Group purchased a majority stake in Maczfit and decided to purchase Stock Spirits.