Stationary bookstores are falling into debt

Stationary bookstores are falling into debt

The financial situation of Polish stationary bookstores is becoming more and more difficult.

For over 10 years, we have been observing a systematic shrinking of the Polish stationary bookstore market. Currently, there are approximately 2,000 bookstores of this type, but their future is uncertain. This is mainly due to two issues. Firstly, the vast majority of them, as much as 95%, are small, one-person enterprises. This makes it difficult for them to compete with large chain bookstores that operate on a large scale, using all available channels to reach customers and offering attractive prices. Secondly, there is a decline in readership in Poland. This situation motivated industry representatives to send a letter to politicians calling for work on the preparation of a draft law on books. In the light of their idea, the law could regulate a uniform price of books applicable to all sellers for a specified period of time.


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