Polish companies are losing out on the war

Polish companies are losing out on the war

One in five SME companies have had to scale back operations because of the war. The same number of companies fear they will be forced to close or suspend operations.

These are the most important conclusions from the survey conducted by the Quality Watch company for the BIG InfoMonitor Debtor Register. It also shows that as many as 56 percent of companies are convinced that they will not avoid the negative consequences of a conflict. Almost all companies, both those linked to Ukraine, Russia and Belarus and those operating only on the domestic market, are afraid of war. They have to cope with an increase in fuel and energy prices, as well as problems with the availability of raw materials and semi-finished products.

The transport and logistics industry is most concerned about the consequences of the war in Ukraine. Construction, service and industrial companies are also afraid of it. Traders are least worried.

The fastest problems in connection with the war were experienced by transport, mainly due to the outflow of workers. The construction industry also has a big problem with it.

Source: https://businessinsider.com.pl/biznes/polskie-firmy-traca-na-wojnie-w-ukrainie-szykuja-zwolnienia/8d1h2qt


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