Go Sport is preparing a bankruptcy petition

Go Sport is preparing a bankruptcy petition

The company is unable to operate as a result of government sanctions. It is preparing to file for bankruptcy.

Go Sport has been cut off from accounts and other resources. And a company that cannot pay its obligations must file for bankruptcy. Go Sport has already taken steps in that direction and is waiting to register with the National Debtors Register. However, the company’s management still hopes that the Ministry of Internal Affairs will change its decision and remove it from the list of sanctioned entities. To this end, a letter with extensive justification was sent to the ministry.

The company has been cut off from the Internet and e-mail. Its money and all resources are frozen. It cannot pay salaries to employees. Suppliers and service providers are terminating its contracts. In this situation, the company may also find it difficult to continue sales talks. They were at an advanced level, and now they are in question. The owners of Go Sport decided to sell because of the war in Ukraine.

Source: https://www.pb.pl/go-sport-o-krok-od-upadlosci-1149145


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