Fewer debtors in transport

Fewer debtors in transport

The number of debtors in the transportation industry has fallen. However, the sector still has to return PLN 1.13 billion to creditors.

The transportation industry has been hit hard by the coronacrisis. However, it looks like the situation is beginning to stabilize. At the end of September, the number of transport companies with debts amounted to 28,100, according to data from the National Debt Register. This is 3 percent less than a year ago. The level of debts, however, has not dropped significantly, reaching as much as PLN 1.13 billion. Adam Lacki, chairman of the KRD, believes that transportation has already bitten off the covid, but has not yet returned to form. In addition, the sector’s development is not helped by the many financial burdens that came into force this year. These include the Mobility Package regulations, national changes to driver compensation rules and the Polish Deal. On top of that, transportation is struggling with high fuel prices.  The future of the industry largely depends on the economic situation in Europe and the world.

Source: https://www.pb.pl/transport-zlapal-poslizg-na-dlugach-1169891

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