Business representatives complain about the unpredictability of decisions regarding their functioning.

The regionalization of restrictions is to form the basis for decision-making by the government. However, business representatives emphasize that during the talks with the government, such a solution was not discussed at all.

Persons acting on behalf of the Polish Council of Shopping Centers and the Polish Chamber of Hoteliers indicate that opening and closing shops and hotels in short intervals requires a lot of time, money and people.

They point out that regionalization has its pros and cons, but the worst they fear is that it is a step towards a complete lockdown again.

Source: https://edgp.gazetaprawna.pl/e-wydanie/57872,25-lutego-2021/72446,Dziennik-Gazeta-Prawna/748595,Biznes-chce-przewidywalnosci-a-nie-decyzji-na-zasadzie-sinusoidy.html

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