Settlement time

Settlement time

The time of settling the received subsidies is approaching.

A year ago, the Polish Development Fund (PFR) launched support under the Financial Shield 1.0. 348,000 micro, small and medium-sized enterprises took advantage of the aid offered. It has been estimated that nearly PLN 70 billion has been allocated for this purpose.

Now it has been announced that from April 29, the period of accounting for the subsidies granted will begin. The entire process will take place via electronic banking, which will be used to send documents between the entrepreneur and PFR.

As announced, the entrepreneurs were divided into two groups. One of the groups will be obliged to return 25% of the subsidy, and the other group will not have to return the received financial support at all. The division into these groups depends on the situation of individual entrepreneurs. Well, entrepreneurs from the industries most severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, i.e. catering, transport, tourism, hotel and culture, will be exempt from providing part of the subsidy.


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