Ursus is still under restructuring

Ursus is still under restructuring

Ursus is still under restructuring.

A few months ago, the simplified restructuring proceedings against Ursus ended in failure. This prompted the company’s representatives to decide on the need to initiate rehabilitation proceedings. The company is currently awaiting court decisions in this case. Ursus representatives hope that this time, as part of the restructuring proceedings, it will be possible to prepare arrangement proposals that will be accepted by creditors. At the same time, they emphasize that the effects of the restructuring carried out so far are visible in the form of optimization of business activities consisting in reducing the range of products and reducing fixed costs.

Source: https://www.parkiet.com/Przemysl/307079990-Andrzej-Zarajczyk-Ursus-uklad-z-wierzycielami-mozliwy-w-tym-roku.html

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Simplified restructuring

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