Polish companies’ profits are growing

Polish companies’ profits are growing

Polish companies’ profits are growing. And this despite the fact that the costs of wages, raw materials, components and transport are rising.

The latest data from the Central Statistical Office (GUS) show that net profitability in non-financial enterprises employing at least 50 people was 5.9% in the third quarter. Before the pandemic, the average profitability index was between 3% and 5%. In particular trading companies have improved their profitability compared to the time before the crisis. High profitability can also be boasted by companies operating in such industries as telecommunications, media and IT. Profit levels also increased in the construction industry. Only in the processing sector profitability slightly decreased.

Good results of companies are the effect of continuation of trends which started at the end of the last year. Companies were able to significantly increase revenues thanks to the strong economic recovery combined with inflation. In addition, wages are rising slower than prices for many companies. Therefore, conditions for maintaining margins are good. However, next year may be more difficult for many companies in terms of profits.

Source: https://www.pb.pl/firmy-obronily-marze-przed-kosztami-1134621


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