Compulsory management in sanctioned companies

Compulsory management in sanctioned companies

In sanctioned companies, the Minister of Development and Technology will be able to establish receivership.

The Sejm adopted amendments that the Senate introduced to the amendment of the Law on Special Solutions for Countering Support for Aggression against Ukraine and Serving to Protect National Security and the Law on National Fiscal Administration.

It provides for the possibility of establishing receivership over sanctioned entities. The administrator will be appointed by the Minister of Development and Technology. He will do so when such an arrangement will, among other things, affect the preservation of jobs or the provision of public services. It is also possible when it will serve to protect the economic interest of the state. The administrator is to take full control of the sanctioned company. It will be able to direct it and dispose of its assets. It can also sell the company as a whole, or its organized parts. Priority of purchase will be given to employees under certain conditions. The assets of such a company can also be taken over by the Treasury. There will also be the possibility of paying employees from the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund.



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