Another bakery has gone bankrupt

Another bakery has gone bankrupt

The Czyż Confectionery Bakery has announced that it is closing its operations. The reason is high energy prices.

The bakery had been operating for 50 years in the city of Pszow in the Silesian province. Its owners had been facing dramatic cost increases for months. Fuel oil prices rose by 260 percent, coal by 140 percent, and electricity by 140 percent. As a result, the company was unable to offer its products to customers at prices acceptable to them.

Czyż Bakery Confectionery is a small, family-owned enterprise. This is yet another company in this industry that has had to close its business due to rising energy prices. A few days ago, one of the bakeries in Lodz announced such a decision. There may be more and more similar cases. The production of baked goods ceases to be profitable with such a drastic increase in costs as we are currently experiencing. Wojciech Jaros, president of the “Samopomoc Chłopska” Production and Trading Cooperative in Kolbudy, Pomerania, points out that his last gas bill amounted to 100 thousand zlotys. Just a year ago it was at PLN 20 thousand.


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