Bankruptcy situation of enterprises and consumers

Bankruptcy situation of enterprises and consumers

In the last few months, the number of declared bankruptcies has been decreasing and consumer bankruptcies have been increasing.

In August, 46 companies went bankrupt. This small number could give rise to optimism, but experts will cool it down. In their opinion, two factors are responsible for the relatively small number of bankruptcies. First, there is a holiday period, during which courts handle fewer cases and hence rule less bankruptcy. Secondly, a new restructuring mode, ie simplified restructuring, which entrepreneurs eagerly use.

According to experts, the number of bankruptcies of companies will increase along with the expiration of the benefits introduced by the anti-crisis shields.

However, in the case of consumer bankruptcies, we are currently observing the opposite trend. It is noticed that the number of such insolvencies is increasing. It is indicated that this is the aftermath of the amendment to the bankruptcy law, which made it easier to use this option.

Source: J. Królak, Wakacje podratowały bankrutów, Puls Biznesu 16 September 2020 r., p. 2, 3.

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