A multi-energy giant is emerging

A multi-energy giant is emerging

Gradually, but systematically, a multi-energy giant is emerging.

The aforementioned energy concern is being established with the participation of PKN Orlen, Lotosu and PGNiG. The European Commission commented on the merger of these three entities, setting specific conditions in the Lotos case and referring the case to PGNiG for examination by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK).

As part of the planned universal succession, control over Lotos and PGNiG will be transferred to PKN Orlen. In this way, PKN Orlen will take over the entire property of the two companies in exchange for the shares that will be granted to the shareholders of these companies. In the thus created enterprise, the State Treasury will have a guaranteed 50% of shares.

Source: https://www.money.pl/gielda/przejecie-pgnig-i-lotos-orlen-zdradzil-szczegoly-podpisanej-umowy-o-wspolpracy-6638812554394432a.html

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