Ideas for the restructuring of public hospitals

Ideas for the restructuring of public hospitals

The idea for the restructuring of hospitals is taking shape.

The intention to restructure the Polish health care system announced a few months ago is taking real shape. According to the latest arrangements, the Hospital Development Agency (ARS) is to be established, which will be entrusted with the task of monitoring the situation of hospitals. The result of such analyzes is to divide hospitals into one of three categories:

  • establishments considered “good” will receive development bonuses,
  • hospitals classified as “medium” will be obliged to develop a restructuring plan,
  • hospitals in the worst situation, considered “bad”, to which administration will be introduced.

The consequence of the actions taken is to distinguish hospitals that will be recognized as specialist facilities and those that will only deal with diagnostics. This idea was taken from Denmark, where the consolidation and profiling of medical facilities works well. All this is aimed at eliminating the existing competition between hospitals.


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