Companies fear bankruptcy

Companies fear bankruptcy

Almost every fifth company in the SME sector is afraid of going bankrupt. The main reasons for this are legal and tax changes, a decrease in demand for goods and services as well as inflation.

That’s according to a survey commissioned by the debtors register BIG Info Monitor. Back in 2020, only 11% of the surveyed companies feared bankruptcy, while last year only 7% did. The reason for the increased fears may be the fact that the government’s anti-crisis shields no longer work.

At the same time, almost half of the companies believe that legal and tax changes may contribute most to their troubles. Then they mention the decrease in demand. Inflation is in third place. Another problem is access to qualified staff, rising operating costs and problems with maintaining financial liquidity.

The construction industry is most worried about survival. This will be caused by the prices of construction materials, their shortage and also the lack of manpower. We can already see an increase in arrears to suppliers and banks. Transport companies are also afraid of bankruptcy.


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