Companies are fleeing to the Czech Republic

Companies are fleeing to the Czech Republic

More and more entrepreneurs are deciding to move their business to the Czech Republic. It is a way of escaping from the Polish rule.

Great interest in such a solution began already in the middle of last year. It was then that the government announced the assumptions of the Polish Deal. Admittedly, companies in the Czech Republic are taxed similarly to those in Poland. However, in some cases, it may turn out that running a business there will be much more profitable because of the health contribution, which cannot be deducted in our country. It amounts to 4.9 percent or 9 percent. However, each case must be analyzed individually.

Experts who assist entrepreneurs in relocating to the Czech Republic explain that certain restrictions are provided for in the amended CIT act. The notion of management on the territory of the Republic of Poland appears there. This provision is to eliminate the so-called artificial management. It consists in the fact that the management board is performed from a place other than the company’s seat. For the time being it is difficult to say what the consequences of this regulation will be. However, it is worth bearing in mind when thinking about moving a company to the Czech Republic.


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