Transportation industry in trouble

Transportation industry in trouble

Due to the war, many transport companies may have serious problems and even find themselves on the verge of bankruptcy.

Changes and setbacks in international markets are affecting the transportation industry in particular. Companies in this sector are severely affected by disruptions in supply chains, rising fuel prices and staff shortages. Now the war in Ukraine has added to the threats. The survey of the debtors register BIG Info Monitor and the Bureau of Credit Information shows that 40 percent of carriers consider bankruptcy. In other industries, a little less 30% of surveyed companies are afraid of such a scenario.

Currently, the debt of the transport industry amounts to almost 2.2 billion PLN. It’s a bit less than a year before, but this year the carriers’ debts may again go up. The vast majority of overdue liabilities falls on the road transport of goods – 1.66 billion PLN.



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