Gas crisis will hit Polish companies

Gas crisis will hit Polish companies

Many Polish companies will suffer if Russia cuts off gas supplies to Germany. Some companies are already cutting production.

Russia has cut off Nord Stream 1 for 10 days. However, it may take longer because of the war in Ukraine. A complete cutoff of gas supplies from Russia to Germany means big problems for our Western neighbor. Poland is not in danger of running out of the resource, as we have diversified sources of supply. However, the problem for many companies will be drastic increases in gas prices. The Pulawy Nitrogen Plant has already decided to reduce its melamine production due to rising gas prices. One of Pracodawcy RP’s member companies in the heavy industry sector has also announced that it will either limit or halt production.  Rafal Baniak, president of Employers of Poland, says this shows that it is impossible to run a profitable business with high gas rates.

In our country, the main consumers of gas in industry are petrochemicals and energy. The largest single consumers are the Orlen group and Azoty.

The increase in gas prices will affect the transportation industry, the chemical industry, the food industry and those related to steel processing. However, some Polish companies may also gain from the problems of German companies. This includes companies such as Arctic Paper, PCC Rokita and Stalprodukt.


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