Nearly PLN 10 billion in corporate debt

Nearly PLN 10 billion in corporate debt

Polish entrepreneurs owe their contractors PLN 9.18 billion, according to data from the National Debt Register (KRD).

The largest debts are owed by companies in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, which are late with repayment of as much as PLN 2 billion. Next is the Silesian province, where companies have failed to repay PLN 1.19 billion, and the Greater Poland province with arrears of PLN 924.8 million. The most solvent are companies from Podlasie, Opole and Swietokrzyskie Voivodeships.

The record debtor is a Katowice housing cooperative. Its unpaid bills reach PLN 24.7 million. Second in order is a Warsaw-based joint-stock company that rents and manages real estate. It is in arrears with repayment of more than PLN 20.5 million. A sizable debt is also owed by a Świętokrzyskie company in the metal industry – it reaches PLN 20.2 million.

According to the KRD, in the coming months, micro, small and medium-sized companies in particular may have a problem with debt avoidance. The main reason for this is the increase in the price of products and services necessary for business.


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