The number of consumer bankruptcies has fallen

The number of consumer bankruptcies has fallen

This year, 9.6 thousand people declared bankruptcy. This is quite a lot less than a year ago, when 12.2 thousand Poles went bankrupt.

The National Register of Debtors in August included information on 1,052 people who declared consumer bankruptcy. In turn, data from the Central Economic Information Center says there are 9.6 thousand bankrupts since the beginning of this year. Last year there were 12.2 thousand such people, and in 2020 only 6.6 thousand.

According to Piotr Zimmerman, legal counsel and qualified restructuring advisor, the decline in the number of consumer bankruptcies is not due to an improvement in the situation of households. It may be the result of a technological barrier. Currently, applications are filed electronically through the National Register of Debtors. Not everyone is coping with this task.



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