Little chance of rescue for Marie Zélie

Little chance of rescue for Marie Zélie

An investor withdrew from investing in the Marie Zélie clothing company. Now the company will most likely face bankruptcy.

In early October, Krzysztof Ziętarski, owner of the Marie Zélie clothing company, filed a bankruptcy petition with the court. He assured, however, that he wanted to save the company. He persuaded Wiktor Jodłowski, president of Talkersi language school, to invest in it. The latter, however, quickly gave it up. Krzysztof Ziêtarski explains that now the only salvation for Marie Zélie is its buyout for a minimum of three million zlotys. Otherwise, a petition for her bankruptcy will again be filed with the court. The previous one was rejected due to ongoing proceedings for approval of the arrangement.

The application for approval of the arrangement accepted by Marie Zélie’s 150 creditors was filed with the court in May this year. There is still no decision on the matter. If the arrangement is rejected, the creditors will move forward with their claims. The company will not be able to meet them. Its liquidity is severely impaired.

Krzysztof Zietarski still believes that Marie Zélie will come out ahead. He assures that if she managed to raise working capital, she could quickly become profitable. She albo can rebuild the trust of her customers and pay off her creditors.



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