The waiting time for the redemption of the subsidy is extended

The waiting time for the redemption of the subsidy is extended

Many companies are still waiting for decisions on redemption of subsidies from financial shields supervised by the Polish Development Fund (PFR).

This applies to the support received under the Financial Shields 1.0 and 2.0 and covers approximately 7,000 enterprises. As PFR representatives indicate, this is a small percentage, constituting only 1.5% of all companies that have received subsidies. So why are these companies still waiting for decisions? According to experts, this is due to several reasons. Firstly, from mistakes made by companies applying for financial support in the submitted documentation. Secondly, from the need to thoroughly verify all documents submitted by companies. Thirdly, due to technical and administrative problems.

Business owners who are still waiting for decisions indicate that this time is a brake on their development. They do not know whether to accumulate reserves for the repayment of subsidies or to invest in development.

PFR representatives declare that by the middle of next year all companies will receive the relevant decisions.

It is worth recalling that we wrote about matters related to the redemption of subsidies, e.g. here.


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