The chain of sports stores closes down

The chain of sports stores closes down

Keller Sports ceases to exist.

After almost twenty years of operation, the German chain of sports shops – Keller Sport – ceases to operate. For two decades, the company’s stores have been opened in many European cities, including Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain and Italy. The offered sports products were very popular. The situation began to change in 2020 with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic. The decline in turnover, visible at that time, began to systematically deepen. This was a consequence of: the problem with maintaining the liquidity of supplies, the invasion of Ukraine and the difficult economic situation. This prompted Keller Sports officials to take corrective action. As part of them, we managed to attract investors. However, this did not prove sufficient. As a result, six months ago, bankruptcy was announced, and a few days ago the trustee announced the termination of Keller Sports’ operations.

It is worth recalling that another chain of stores with sports products in its assortment also faced similar problems. I am talking about Intersport Polska, which, according to recent reports, solved its problems by acquiring a Ukrainian investor.


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