Business abroad

Business abroad

There is still great interest in opening or relocating a business abroad.

The publication of the Polish Order, which announced an increase in the costs of running a business in Poland, caused an immediate reaction of entrepreneurs. Many business owners have started looking for information on the possibility of opening or transferring their businesses abroad. The companies supporting such activities inform about the scale of this phenomenon. According to the data provided by them, the interest in changing the location of the business has increased several times. Entrepreneurs ask them two types of questions: about the possibility of transferring a company operating in Poland to a foreign country or purchasing a company that is already located abroad.

Of course, not all types of business can be successfully transferred abroad, but there are certainly no contraindications in relation to the transport, construction, consulting or marketing industries.

According to economists, the actions taken by entrepreneurs should come as no surprise. They explain them not only with announcements made in the Polish Lada, but also with new fees introduced each year and the resulting lack of predictability, which is necessary to run a business.


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