The difficult situation of shopping centers

The difficult situation of shopping centers

Shopping center owners complain about the difficult situation.

There is a bill in the Senate which, once passed, will oblige the owners of shopping centers to lower rents for tenants (we wrote about it here). Shopping center owners appeal to the upper house of parliament to reject the bill. They argue that they are aggrieved themselves and do not want to pay for damages suffered by tenants as a result of lockdowns. They also announce that they are ready to notify the European Commission of the actions taken by the Polish parliament and are considering submitting poetry against the State Treasury.

It is worth noting that the difficult situation affects not only shopping centers located in our country. Well, the main US owner of shopping centers filed for bankruptcy a few days ago. Such decisions were made by two other American owners in 2020. Such decisions were prompted by the difficult financial situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


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