Restructuring also for farmers

Restructuring also for farmers

Restructuring is a solution worth considering by indebted farmers.

Many farmers are constantly feeling the effects of the ongoing coroanvirus pandemic. Financial problems are listed among the most serious. It is recognized that their solution to these problems is all the more difficult as debtors most often delay in reacting and taking decisive steps. However, they have several solutions at their disposal, including they may declare bankruptcy or use a winding-up institution. However, both of these solutions result in the loss of a farm. There is also the possibility of taking advantage of the restructuring procedure seen in terms of corrective actions. The simplified restructuring procedure is particularly popular. It owes its popularity to many of the advantages attributed to it, which we wrote about here.

Experts indicate, however, that farmers may not be well informed about their restructuring possibilities, both about the various types of existing restructuring proceedings and about the support provided by the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture (ARMA).


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Simplified restructuring

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