Extra support

Extra support

The Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology ensures that entrepreneurs will be provided with additional financial support.

The aforementioned support is to cover entrepreneurs operating in industries still strongly affected by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The form of the assistance offered is to remain unchanged. This means that entrepreneurs will be able to receive further parking and exemption from paying ZUS contributions.

The aid is to be granted on the basis of the previously known rules, i.e. on the basis of specifically designated PKD codes and demonstrating a decrease in income. According to the information disclosed to the public, support is certainly to be provided to the event industry, which still cannot return to the functioning known from before the pandemic. As we wrote earlier, representatives of this industry informed that they are trying to conduct hybrid activities. Some of them decided to bring lawsuits against the State Treasury for the losses incurred and impossible to recover.

Source: https://edgp.gazetaprawna.pl/e-wydanie/58048,12-sierpnia-2021/73205,Gazeta-Prawna/759622,Organizatorzy-koncertow-targow-i-szkolen-dostana-kolejne-wsparcie.html

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