Bakeries on the brink of bankruptcy

Bakeries on the brink of bankruptcy

High gas prices are driving many bakeries to the brink of bankruptcy. Their bills are several hundred percent higher than a year ago.

Recently, a bakery in Warsaw’s Praga-Północ district has appealed to its customers for help. It has been operating on the market for 40 years. The gas bill of Manufaktura Wypieków Pozorek is 350 percent higher than in June last year. The spectre of bankruptcy is also looming over the oldest bakery in Piła, “Jan”. It was baking bread before the Second World War. Its gas bills increased by 500 percent.

These are not the only companies that have found themselves in a very difficult situation due to high gas prices. The office of the ombudsman for small and medium-sized enterprises is receiving more and more entities from various industries that are suffering because of this. They complain about increases of 400-800%. This threatens bankruptcy of many companies that are powered by gas. Adam Abramowicz, SME spokesman, points out that not long ago the government was encouraging companies to switch from traditional fuels to gas. Now these investments could bankrupt them. Unfortunately, he rejected an amendment to include small and medium-sized companies in the protection mechanisms. These would have protected such entities from significant increases in gas prices.


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