The plight of the press

The plight of the press

The widespread increase in prices has become a very big problem for press publishers.

Many press publishers were forced to analyze their activities and make radical decisions. Some publishers have opted for the development and implementation of restructuring measures. Such decisions were made by Agora publishing Gazeta Wyborcza and Time publishing Super Express. In both companies, local add-ons were significantly reduced or completely closed. This, in turn, led to the re-education of employment. On the other hand, Motor-Press Polska – the publisher of “Men’s Health”, “Women’s Health”, “Auto Motor i Sport” and “Runner’s World” – applies for bankruptcy. Previously, it undertook restructuring activities consisting in: reducing the frequency of publishing individual issues, closing some titles, increasing the unit prices of issues. Despite this, the restructuring was not successful. There was no agreement with the creditors.


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