2023 named ‘Year of Efficiency’

2023 named ‘Year of Efficiency’

Another round of layoffs has been announced at Meta Platforms.

In November last year, the technology company Meta Platforms was restructured. 11,000 people lost their jobs then. Such radical personnel decisions were explained by the need to flatten the organizational structure. Now, less than three months after those events, the continuation of layoffs has been announced. According to reports, another dozen or so jobs will be cut. This decision is motivated by financial considerations. Meta recorded a decline in revenue. And all this fits in with the assumptions of the owner of Meta, who described 2023 as “the year of efficiency”.

It should be emphasized that Meta is not the only company in the technology industry that is undergoing restructuring of employment on a massive scale. Such decisions have already been made in: Microsoft, Philips, Ericsson.

Source: https://www.pb.pl/meta-platforms-szykuje-kolejne-duze-zwolnienia-1179345

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