Contact for franchisees

Contact for franchisees

Creditors of Getin Noble Bank should be aware of the effects of the Bank’s bankruptcy and prepare for possible consequences. We are dealing with the largest bankruptcy in the history of Poland, therefore careful planning of actions in the course of the Bank’s bankruptcy proceedings may help to minimize the negative effects of bankruptcy.

Our specialization is the practice of bankruptcy and restructuring law. If you need legal assistance in analyzing your situation as a Getin Noble Bank franc borrower – please contact us ( We provide:

  • opportunity to talk to experts on business days from 9.00-17.00 on the phone number 537 408 403,
  • reporting claims via the system of the National Debt Register along with the preparation of arguments regarding the legitimacy of claims,
  • preparation of a statement on set-off of mutual claims,
  • representation before the judge-commissioner and the bankruptcy court if the trustee refuses to recognize the claim on the list.

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