The stagnation of the Polish clothing industry

The stagnation of the Polish clothing industry

Polish clothing companies are reporting a decline in consumer demand.

LPP Group,, VRG Group are the names of only selected clothing companies whose representatives unanimously point out the deteriorating sales results. The fall-winter collection they have been offering since mid-August is not selling. They believe that the reason for this situation is the still high temperatures, which discourage people from buying warm clothes.

The deteriorating mood is calmed down by an expert who emphasizes that the sale of the current collection will simply be postponed by a few weeks. This will mean that ultimately the sales results should not differ from the forecasts. However, it may happen that some companies are not willing to wait any longer and decide to introduce promotional campaigns now.

It is worth recalling that in the recent past we have repeatedly informed that all the above-mentioned companies have large-scale development plans that they are successfully implementing.


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