The clothing industry is sounding the alarm

The clothing industry is sounding the alarm

The problems experienced by Polish clothing companies are getting worse.

Already in October, representatives of the clothing industry indicated that the autumn-winter collection had been on store shelves since August. They attributed this situation to long-lasting high temperatures, which discouraged customers from purchasing warmer clothing. Experts then reassured us that sales of the current product range would be postponed. However, this did not happen. As a result, the observed drop in demand translates into reduced production, which in turn affects the level of employment. It is estimated that nearly 400,000 people currently work in the clothing and footwear industry. people. However, there is more and more talk about the need to reduce employment. A few weeks ago, these words were reflected in reality. Well, the Kastor company specializing in the production of men’s shirts and women’s clothing informed about the need to carry out group layoffs. The situation is not made easier by the rising costs of running a business, including rent for commercial space. The representative of the Polish Clothing Industry Association clearly points to the need to conduct talks with the government in order to obtain financial assistance and prepare a law protecting against bailiff auctions and loan termination.


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