Episode 5 of the ResTrue Talks. podcast

Episode 5 of the ResTrue Talks. podcast

The fifth episode of the ResTrue Talks. podcast has just been released.

Once again, we provide a dose of up-to-date and valuable knowledge.

Dr. Ulyana Zaremba and r. Maciej Woźniak discusses the statistics of restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings for September and October. They not only present the conclusions from the analyzed data, but also discuss “interesting” cases provided by practice.

Dr. Maria Wąsicka-Sroczyńska and Dr. Przemysław Grobelny from CMT Advisory talk about the challenges facing the debt collection industry, which is a kind of barometer of the current market situation.

Dr. Patryk Filipiak reports on the European Insolvency Law Conference organized by INSOL Europe Academic Forum, which took place in Amsterdam in October.

The highlight of the program is a conversation between Dr. Patryk Filipiak and attorney Małgorzata Badowska from the Gessel Law Firm, with restructuring advisor Kamil Hajduk, attorney Rafał Wojciechowski and with attorney and restructuring advisor Piotr Zimmerman from the Zimmerman Sierakowski i Partnerzy Law Firm. Together with our guests, we discuss the topic of “crowdfunding” and the related phenomenon of multiplicity and dispersion of investors, which is particularly important in the event of the debtor’s insolvency. The choice of topic is related to recent events. Recently, the media has been loud about a group of companies from the alcohol industry whose operation was based on crowdfunding support. Currently, these companies are subject to ongoing restructuring proceedings. Moreover, on November 10, there were regulatory changes regarding entities authorized to raise capital through crowdfunding.

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