The fight against payment backlogs is reaching a new level

The fight against payment backlogs is reaching a new level

The European Union aims to minimize the scale of payment backlogs.

Failure to settle obligations between contractors on time has a number of consequences. First of all, it may threaten the financial liquidity of companies that are waiting for the funds due. The loss of said liquidity may result in the need for these companies to declare bankruptcy. And this will have an impact on their other contractors. Therefore, it is undeniable that failure to meet payment deadlines affects all market participants. However, this is not only a Polish problem. It is also shared by other members of the European Union. This gave the European Parliament an incentive to start work on developing a draft regulation assuming that the regulation of mutual obligations between companies would have to take place within 30 days. If this does not happen, the debtor will be charged 8% interest. It seems that we will have to wait for this regulation to come into force. Well, as expected, it is to come into force automatically in all member states from mid-2026.


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