Intersport plans

Intersport plans

Intersport Polska presented plans for the near future.

The sale of goods offered by a chain of stores offering sports and tourist clothing and equipment turned out to be difficult last year due to the prevailing coronavirus pandemic and its consequences. Hence, the financial results for the previous year were far from the original expectations. Currently, the company’s representatives report that the data from the past months of this year inspire optimism and at the same time emphasize that usually the second half of the year generates the highest profits. Nevertheless, the company’s commercial policy has undergone modifications to adapt to the changing reality. Therefore, measures were taken to reduce the variety of the assortment and further develop e-commerce. Steps have also been taken to find an investor. Therefore, an agreement was concluded with an industry entity authorizing it to provide data allowing for due diligence.

It is worth noting that Intersport is not the only brand that openly summarizes the data for the previous year and adjusts its current strategy in response to the dynamically changing situation. This type of action has already been taken by, inter alia, CDRL Group and LPP.


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